Monday, March 1, 2010

feel like a fail.

My bestfriend and I have kinda stopped talking to eachother for no reason. Just something random and unexpected, I guess we just dont have anything to talk about? Good news though my so obvious countdown to LONDON is still going on and there is my friends and fellow bloggers 18 days!! But the day I come home my second bestfriend (or first??) will be leaving to go to Arizona for 2 whole MONTHS!!! I mean her brother lives there and all, but she is my only priority, friends wise, right now. I so don't wan't to lose her at this horrible time.

  I sit here in my room grieving my lost friendship, listening to florence+the machines, unconciously check my phone every 2 minutes waiting for a text from her with something like a forgiveness for being such a bi***. Sorry.

Love Always.