Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi. I've startet nearly all my post with the words "it's been a crazy week" or "AAhh I haven't had time to blog at all". But no now I am going to start by saying : I've never been this thankful for having the ability to hear. This week I discovered Lykke Li and The Noisettes. Also I downloaded MGMT's new album. And of course I already knew who they were, DAH.
Anyway I'm off to watching Live videos of When you were young with um um um THE NOISETTES.

Love Always

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Velvet's comeback.

Velvet; One who can be smooth and loveable, or esp. cuddly. If rubbed the wrong way, can turn into the opposite definition, says Velvet is so having a comeback on the runway! It was so forgotten, this beautiful piece of fabric. “I don’t use fur, so I was looking for fabrics that felt as rich and soft to the touch,” says the modern designer Rachel Roy. Dolce and Gabbana, Antonio Berardi, Alexander Wang and Richard Nicoll are all donning velvet on the runway. I myself own a pair of burgundy velvet leggings that i love. They are so comfy and super stylish. They go with everything. I found a photo of trousers in Alexander Wang´s collection and they look just like mine! Note* I gott mine in Forever 21 for $9.80.

A photo of the Alexander Wangs trousers. Source: Photo:

Love Always

Short but Sweet.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! According to Teen Vogue is thinking about a reality tv-show! I mean why not. Teen Vogue (have to spell it in it's whole name, cause abreviating it tv won't work i guess) had such a saying on The Hills and that turned out great. And it would be great to see a positive reality series that documents the hard work people do in making a break-through magazine. I love the idea.

Love Always.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oh lawd.

Wow! So much going on I haven't been able to BLOG! This weekend was all about our school musical. We chose Dirty Dancing! I am in the band but it's still fun. And I was pracitcing like crazy for this piano recital. I had some relaxation time in the end of it and went to see Dear John with 2 of my dear friends. I loved it. I actually cried. The dad was so cute, I loved him. I am currently reading the book. I was at the chapters were John is leaving when I saw the movie. I just couldn't resist, could I. I just had to spoil the book!
I am still a proud watcher of Gossip Girl and 90210. Not obsessed but really enthusiastic. I love those shows you wait a whole week to watch. haha. I liked the band Adrianna is in; The Glorious Steinems. I never knew who she was (Gloria Steinem). But after watching, my social studies teacher announced we were supposed to write an essay on one person who tried to changed something politically. I wrote it on Gloria Steinem. Thanks 90210!

Love Always

Saturday, April 10, 2010

changes; mostly here but also there.

I changed my profile photo! It is old old old old old old. I love it though. I was "tidying up" my computer and deleting old stuff. And this is from my first prom, my friend took like 10 pictures that were really normal and all pretty the same and the last one was this one. I lol'd. Anyway i am going back to sleep!

Love Always.

If i had the money i would totally buy all these and many more. I am so  in love with every single piece of footwear i lay my eyes on.

Friday, April 9, 2010

muses and inspirations.

Ok, so i have been thinking alot about the future lately. My whole life i've wanted to be a doctor. The past year has been completely mind-blowing. I discovered fashion. I got the Teen Vogue Handbook for christmas 2008 (i think). I read inspiring stories and wonderful job descriptions and for first time since i was born i considered the pros and cons of not becoming a doctor. I want to be a beauty editor. For those who have read the Teen Vogue Handbook, Eva Chen's story inspired me so much. I have a couple of years but i don't want to waste any time!

I am turning into a music blogger; yesterday Florence+The Machine today VV Brown! (Both featured in issues of Teen Vogue) She is the ultimate feel-good-musician! When ur feeling down, download a song or two and turn that frown up-side down!

Love Always

My new favorite shoes by french deigner Sonia Rykiel.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

long time no see!

Wow I haven't blogged in a long time! I have been so busy! Basically just homework. My icelandic teacher is nuts. She thinks we only devote our time to the beautiful language; icelandic. But I don't get caught up on that because I care a lot about her and she has been one of the best teachers I have ever had! I absolutely love thursdays-nothing to do after school. I like that one day in the week where there is nothing to do! Just relax. Recently I discovered a band called Florence+The Machine. It's this red headed girl from London who just randomly picks friends to do something (sing, play instrument) in her songs and it turns into these amazing songs. And the lyrics are brilliant! I read that on wikipedia (yes i googled them) I don't know if it is true or not but whatever I like the idea of it. I realized a couple months ago that Teen Vogue interviewed them. And I loved it so much I cut it out and read it like every night. I'm one of those odd people who can not throw away magazines! I have like 80 and I love 'em. I like to use them for a muse of a new outfit. I am thinking of watching the new show of Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass equals love.
Love Always

P.S. I thought I was so smart to write this entry in Microsoft Word but then I realized you can't copy paste. FAIL.

found these on definetly my favorite website right now!