Friday, April 9, 2010

muses and inspirations.

Ok, so i have been thinking alot about the future lately. My whole life i've wanted to be a doctor. The past year has been completely mind-blowing. I discovered fashion. I got the Teen Vogue Handbook for christmas 2008 (i think). I read inspiring stories and wonderful job descriptions and for first time since i was born i considered the pros and cons of not becoming a doctor. I want to be a beauty editor. For those who have read the Teen Vogue Handbook, Eva Chen's story inspired me so much. I have a couple of years but i don't want to waste any time!

I am turning into a music blogger; yesterday Florence+The Machine today VV Brown! (Both featured in issues of Teen Vogue) She is the ultimate feel-good-musician! When ur feeling down, download a song or two and turn that frown up-side down!

Love Always

My new favorite shoes by french deigner Sonia Rykiel.

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