Tuesday, February 23, 2010

old stuff can also be loved.

I just discovered thes teapot inspired miumiu shoes a couple of seasons ago! I declare I do believe in love at first sight. Who wouldn't when looking at these amazing shoes!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am so obsessed with Desperate Housewives. I started on the 1st season again last week and I am well on my way to the second! I also have an obsession for SHOES! There are so many shoes I love and I want! We don't have Urban Outfitters in Iceland, but in London-yes! Urban Outfitters is my favorite store to get cute bargains. I don't look for the whole outfit there, it's more about choosing one color piece to match with a black outfit that needs life. I also love there shoes, they are so cheap and super awesome!

some of my favorites from:

Omgod, I am gonna flip when I get to London in about 27 days. Cant wait!!

love always

Thursday, February 18, 2010

excitement? check. money? check. passports? check.

I am going to London in only 28 days! I am kind of worried about the shopping, if i shop to much that is. Ofcourse I want to but I am also going to Sweden in the summer, and I need money there. Home of H&M for crying out loud. I thought of outting down all the stuff I don´t need, it is much more fun than making a list of things I need, cause I need more than I have. *laughs, and wants to put a smiley but won't that is so myspace* Tommorrow I am going to buy a zipper. I need a new zipper for my Lillian Vernon bag, it is so classic. Denim with two little girls laughing. A childhood memory for sure when I got that. I am thinking electric pink or bright red, anything but navy (the only color that really goes with it). I was also thinking of buying some kind of rope to attach to my body shop makeup bag. First of all I have way too much makeup bags in my bedroom. And second of all I want a sling-over-the-shoulder bag, and I can't afford a new one, or I think I can't. I'll update you on how that goes. And then I need to see this girl I am doing a duet with on the piano, not very exciting.

hahahahha lol!

 This weekend is gonna be great!!! I am gonna go to the movies with all my friends to see Valentines Day!!! A movie I have been dying to see!!!!!!!!! little hyper.

love always.

so long farewell

Desperately trying to clean my room but ending up on listening to the Sound of Music Soundtrack - great! I hate clutter, and that is what is in my room right now; clutter. I sit here and have nothing to do except read blogs, BLOGS, BLOGS, BLOGS! I do not hope to become the next Tavi Gevinson even though the idea of becoming famous for a blog, seeing shows, being a muse, meeting KARL LAGERFELD is so exciting and interesting i am gonna have to say no thanks. My favorite blogs are : Style Rookie (Tavi Gevinson, the lucky girl who met The Legend) and FabBlab (some girl in Mumbai). My Teen Vogue february issue just came in a little late even though it is still february. I loved it though, the covergirl is just such a good choice! Jessica Szohr and her style is so amazing and inspiring! And the fact that she is dating superhot Ed Westwick doesn't make her less decent at all, well i am kind of jealous.

Probably the most famous photo of them. Gosh, a hot couple.

 I also liked the talking fashion feature, photographs of M.O.D.s (models off duty) Sasha Pivovarova and Ali Michael were my fave. Fashion Blogger Jane Keltner caught my eye with a report on Jane Aldridge a senior in high school who has her own shoeline! I just realised I love the name Jane. Last Look on the last page was really interesting, a girl in Manhattan in a room like a spaceship that has a rug on her wall and wears a gorgeous Betsey Johnson dress! My room is basically clean by now, i am such a multitasker.

love always

Sunday, February 7, 2010

London in what 39 days ?

Good Morning! I am feeling so good right now! London in so little time, and new clothes have reached my doorsteps! A Heritage 1981 stripe dress with buttons, burgundy velvet leggings, strawberry necklace, ultrahip sunglasses and so much more! I also got the Teen Vogue Handbook, a book about everything fashion. With tips from all the pros.. MARC JACOBS!!! I also got Seventeen's 500 Beauty Secrets.. love at first sight! Then all my magazines 2x seventeen and 1x teen vogue :)
From looking at the teen vogue handbook, i got really inspired, i want to be something in fashion, model no, designer maybe, stylist maybe, photographer no, fashion editor yes! I loved the interview with Anna Wintour. I am so inspired right now, i want an internship pronto. But i need to think it all the way through, because i have always wanted to be a doctor, specifically in "ER" or "Greys Anatomy". I mean it's almost time for college, and what do i wanna major in? do i want medschool or vogue internship? tough choice...

Love Always