Sunday, February 7, 2010

London in what 39 days ?

Good Morning! I am feeling so good right now! London in so little time, and new clothes have reached my doorsteps! A Heritage 1981 stripe dress with buttons, burgundy velvet leggings, strawberry necklace, ultrahip sunglasses and so much more! I also got the Teen Vogue Handbook, a book about everything fashion. With tips from all the pros.. MARC JACOBS!!! I also got Seventeen's 500 Beauty Secrets.. love at first sight! Then all my magazines 2x seventeen and 1x teen vogue :)
From looking at the teen vogue handbook, i got really inspired, i want to be something in fashion, model no, designer maybe, stylist maybe, photographer no, fashion editor yes! I loved the interview with Anna Wintour. I am so inspired right now, i want an internship pronto. But i need to think it all the way through, because i have always wanted to be a doctor, specifically in "ER" or "Greys Anatomy". I mean it's almost time for college, and what do i wanna major in? do i want medschool or vogue internship? tough choice...

Love Always

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