Thursday, February 18, 2010

excitement? check. money? check. passports? check.

I am going to London in only 28 days! I am kind of worried about the shopping, if i shop to much that is. Ofcourse I want to but I am also going to Sweden in the summer, and I need money there. Home of H&M for crying out loud. I thought of outting down all the stuff I don´t need, it is much more fun than making a list of things I need, cause I need more than I have. *laughs, and wants to put a smiley but won't that is so myspace* Tommorrow I am going to buy a zipper. I need a new zipper for my Lillian Vernon bag, it is so classic. Denim with two little girls laughing. A childhood memory for sure when I got that. I am thinking electric pink or bright red, anything but navy (the only color that really goes with it). I was also thinking of buying some kind of rope to attach to my body shop makeup bag. First of all I have way too much makeup bags in my bedroom. And second of all I want a sling-over-the-shoulder bag, and I can't afford a new one, or I think I can't. I'll update you on how that goes. And then I need to see this girl I am doing a duet with on the piano, not very exciting.

hahahahha lol!

 This weekend is gonna be great!!! I am gonna go to the movies with all my friends to see Valentines Day!!! A movie I have been dying to see!!!!!!!!! little hyper.

love always.


  1. What did you think of the movie?!

    I went to it with my mum and sister; a little gal-bonding day!


  2. oh i ended up on being sick and not going. bummer! i thinking i will just rent it and watch it with my mom. :) a little gal-bonding is always good!


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