Friday, January 20, 2012


The few well written articles you stumble upon in your life may not be as many as we would want but they all add up to something great anyway. The interview Emily just posted up on Into the Gloss is one of the best of the best. Michelle just might be the wonder woman of our time. I absolutely love how she refers to makeup as artistry and is so open to all things different. And it absolutely made my day that her makeup artist is Andrea Helgadottir. It is so fun to see all the icelanders* out there achieving something for themselves in the tough world of fashion! 

Love Always

*Áslaug Magnúsdóttir co-founder of Moda Operandi and photographer Saga Sig being among them. 

Oh yeah I am Icelandic. 

photo courtesy of Into the Gloss.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Due to recent wildfire's in Texas decided to raise awareness in a spectacular way! He made sculptures in shapes of flames and covered them in Crayola crayons. Over time the melted and altered due to climate change. They are such a beautiful example of good design for a good cause! I love the photos of the process, so interesting!

Love Always!

photos via designboom

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Recently I have found myself looking for something new, maybe the inevitable habit caused by a new year, new beginning.
  The usual me, reading the same blogs and following the same bloggers from month to month, knowing their posts by heart, not really ready to step out of my comfort zone regarding the blogs I follow and love so dearly. I have, much to my happiness, found a couple new blogs to follow. 
  They are in the same direction as other blogs I follow, but it's new and fresh. I just love it when you find a blog you love so much, newfound love, and you keep clicking older entries and reading posts dated back to the birth of the blog. 

A lot like A CUP OF JO. A new mama sharing the amazing things having a newborn. She shares her inspiring and fun personal experiences like this one, which cracked me up!

I haven't really figured out what type of blog this is. It's just a random chick named Poppy who features amazingly beautiful women. Usually a couple of quick questions about their day-to-day lives and then a handful of beautiful photos. And of course the occasional letter from her on some topic dear to her. 

I am secretly in love with this gal! I love the colors in her top and she just beams with happiness!

The ladie behind this blog just might be a DIY queen! She has amazing photos, all drenched with color and the creativeness of her blog is outstanding! A great pick-me-up on a rainy day for sure!

I love the metallic silver Swedish Hasbeens!

Another good DIY site. I don't know who is behind it but it she/he is the sweetest craft maker! I love their cards and jotters! 

Thanks for being an amazing person and thank you for reading! It means the world to me. 
Love Always