Saturday, December 25, 2010

This is officially my last post before my trip to San Francisco. I am looking forward to a 45 min drive to the airport, a 3 hour flight to London, a night spent in London, an 11 hour flight to Los Angeles and finally a 1 hour flight to San Francisco. I can't wait.

These Damien Hirst x Converse are pretty much the only thing that I have truly decided to buy. I am not sure they are for sale anymore but a girl has to hope.

Anyway I just want to thank the few of you who visit my blog for everything. Even though you don't comment it means the world to me that you took your time to read. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Love Always.
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I'm leaving for San Francisco tomorrow and I honestly can't wait. I've been in the same place for too long. I hate packing because frankly I'm horrible at it. I pack pieces of clothing without really thinking of the pieces as outfits so I usually end up looking hilarious. Now I'm not going to bring alot, I'm going to buy alot. I love the though of me buying new stuff here or here. I love planes and flights there is something so amazing about being in an airport getting ready to get departured to a new country with new and fresh potential and new adventures.

Our house in S.F. is so warm and amazing. I love the feeling I get when I get there. Being in a place where you grew up it's just so comforting. San Francisco is my favorite city in the whole world.

I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In amidst of the christmas holiday all I can think about is how I'm going to look! What I am going to wear and makeup, hair, shoes. The thing is there are so many events and parties and alot of them with the same people and you don't always want to wear the same thing so it needs good planning!

Makeup wise I'm going to go pretty subtle this year. A hint of mascara and a light pink eye smudge around the rims of my eyes to make them seem bigger and a bold lipstick, liptint or just lipcolor.

Something like this :

These are really great colors and really affordable too!

Love Always.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

I love going through websites and piling up stuff in a shopping bag and feeling great as I am fake buying it. This time it was needsupplyDOTcom and Pixie Market. Lovely boutiques with lovely designs and stuff. Enjoy the items I would love to purchase!

I love how the jewel is connected! It's amazing and the color is really good and goes with just about everything.

Aqua Ring from Stone and Honey $72.

Mini flower post earrings that go with everything!


Glittery nailpolish in a rosie hue.

Rosie Lee for Butter London $14

A throwover dress that is sooo comfy and chic.

Carsten dress by BB Dakota $93

This is not really a product but I love her bangs! Sooo sososososo much! And how her hair is thrown together in a trussy tangle. Her color isn't so bad either a warm chesnut hue.

Love Always ma peeps
Enjoy this. Look at it, think about it and love it. Wouldn't you want to live there? I would!

Hey guys! I just want to thank you for visiting this blog and commenting and sharing your thoughts on my posts! I really appreciate it! Just remember to follow me on bloglovin! Love you guys and Happy Holidays.

Love Always.

I wish I knew how to make moodboards or collages with photos from the internet, but I don't. Does anybody know?

Love Always
These shoes from Urban Outfitters are amazing! I love the metallic toe!

Love Always.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I recently discovered the website and it truly has amazing photos! It's like weheartit but a little bit better. The photos all have.. texture. Love it!

Love Always.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am loving Erin Wasson's new jewellry line Low Luv. It's inspired by many different things like Native Americans, the Mid West and an egyptian singer which I just can't remember the name of! The whole line is so Erin and would fit right in her catwalker off duty glamorous wardrobe.

In the photos she has ZERO clothing on and I might add she doesn't need to. The jewellry looks amazing on the bare skin and each piece compliments the other.

The whole photo shoot and hair and makeup was inspired by Cleopatra-the goddess of the egyptian desert. I love Erin so much I have always and will always think of her as an amazing model. She has such raw beauty and her hair? Her HAIR is soooo AMAZING! I think her personality and characteristics aren't so bad either. All fun all the time. Not that I have the slightest idea of what she is like.

Enjoy. Love Always.

Friday, December 17, 2010

 Finally! School is out and it's christmas break and better yet it's snowing. I am looking forward to lazy days spent in bed watching christmas movies and sipping hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows and a candy cane. Happy Holidays!

I would love to say that my house looks like this but thankfully it doesn't. Haha. 

Love Always.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In amidst of sorting out your computer and deleting unessecary things you find other things that interest you. It's funny because I found alot of pictures of food. I'm am not a vigorous eater or a bottomless lonely sitting in the dark stuffing my face because I feel bad kind of person but I like good stuff. Who doesn't? I have decided to share with you ALOT of yummy looking pictures. Most of them are dessert related stuff.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

ELMO cupcakes!

Okay, this looks kind of gross but honestly it looks goooooooood.

Rainbow cupcakes yummmmmmm

OH MY look at the decadent frosting!

Okay I'm kind of sick.

Syawla evoL.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GLEE GLEE GLEE! I love Glee as a show and as a message. It's A.-O.K. to be an outcast and be different. So many stars like Lauren Conrad and Gwyneth Paltrow love it too! The actors that portray the characters are so genuine and really good looking. They say they are like family because they spend so much time together and honestly who wouldn't want to part of that family?

Dianna and Mark. Quinn and Puck. Mark and Dianna. Puck and Quinn.
 Dianna Agron and Jessica Szohr who I love so much. Especially on Gossip Girl and for the fact that she is the partner of the hottest guy on earth.
 I love Dianna in this photo with her hair slicked back. Cory and Mark aren't so bad either.
 The guys of Glee. Each one hotter than the other.
 The whole cast. I might point out that the characters are so perfect. There is the friendly teacher slash glee coach (do you say glee coach?), the self-absorbed leading lady of the glee club and her boyfriend who she expects to want the solos as much as she and kind of controls him, the rebel who breaks everybody's hearts but at the same time is irresistable to everyone, the asian goth, the asian dancer dude that dates the asian goth, the guy in the wheelchair that has been left out of everything his whole life but has a special place in glee, the dumb cheerleader, the beautiful cheerleader that gets it all, the once cheerleade then pregnant now cheerleader again, the annoying coach slash principal that cuts everything down in glee, the big girl with the big voice and the guidance counselor that is sensitive and weird.

 Mark Salling.

 I love Lea Michele, she is such a beautiful person and she really shows her real self. Also she looks really nice.

Naya Rivera.
Mark Salling really reminds me of a young John Stamos.