Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In amidst of the christmas holiday all I can think about is how I'm going to look! What I am going to wear and makeup, hair, shoes. The thing is there are so many events and parties and alot of them with the same people and you don't always want to wear the same thing so it needs good planning!

Makeup wise I'm going to go pretty subtle this year. A hint of mascara and a light pink eye smudge around the rims of my eyes to make them seem bigger and a bold lipstick, liptint or just lipcolor.

Something like this :

These are really great colors and really affordable too!

Love Always.

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  1. (replying) oh, i love lookbook. i just ask because the only physical store of need supply co. is in my town haha! i love that it isn't a chain.. and they even sell some dresses/shoes that modcloth sells but for a little cheaper!

    but anyways i absolutely adore your blog, you post so often (which is GREAT) and i feel like you should make it big.

    sorry if that's cheesy <3

  2. yes, i have an email! i'd be more than happy to do you a favor! katielcarney@gmail.com :]

  3. You had me at lipstick.. I am such a lipstick junkie, and I completely geek out when others mention converting.

    Do it. ;)

  4. soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check it out hope you like it:)xx

  5. i LOVE dramatic red lipstick its so 1920s but yet new !


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