Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hi, a wonderful sunday just about to end. I felt such a need to do a post about tattoos even though I posted that really cute hanger tattoo on friday. I love them, they say so much about the person wearing it. I don't like ones that are big and bold, I like the ones that are minimalist and sincere. Often only a couple of letters that form a word or saying. (Alot like Freja Beha's tattoos. They look so cool but they are never too much.) I am looking forward to a tattoo in the future but I will take a looong time in perfectly thinking through what it is going to look like. But here for you to enjoy are photos of simple and elegant tattoos (if tattoos can be elegant) from

I like the content but not the font. Also I like that the photo is taken on the beach.

HOPE. Such a simple word but meaningful. I wouldn't have it behind my ear though more on the wrist where I can see it.

This just simply doesn't need a further explanation. Amazing.

Anything is possible. Yes indeed it is.

And a little long hair for you to enjoy.

Love Always

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