Monday, December 20, 2010

I love going through websites and piling up stuff in a shopping bag and feeling great as I am fake buying it. This time it was needsupplyDOTcom and Pixie Market. Lovely boutiques with lovely designs and stuff. Enjoy the items I would love to purchase!

I love how the jewel is connected! It's amazing and the color is really good and goes with just about everything.

Aqua Ring from Stone and Honey $72.

Mini flower post earrings that go with everything!


Glittery nailpolish in a rosie hue.

Rosie Lee for Butter London $14

A throwover dress that is sooo comfy and chic.

Carsten dress by BB Dakota $93

This is not really a product but I love her bangs! Sooo sososososo much! And how her hair is thrown together in a trussy tangle. Her color isn't so bad either a warm chesnut hue.

Love Always ma peeps


  1. nice, i love everything in this post! thanks so much for following and the sweet comment... i think your blog is fantastic and deserves many more followers. i only have a few as well but i am going to try to spread the word about yours through my blogger friends. thanks! <3

    by the way, did you get the need supply co. from my blog post earlier? haha :]

  2. i do the same thing ! . and i love your post with all the pics!
    and good luck with life ! :)


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