Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GLEE GLEE GLEE! I love Glee as a show and as a message. It's A.-O.K. to be an outcast and be different. So many stars like Lauren Conrad and Gwyneth Paltrow love it too! The actors that portray the characters are so genuine and really good looking. They say they are like family because they spend so much time together and honestly who wouldn't want to part of that family?

Dianna and Mark. Quinn and Puck. Mark and Dianna. Puck and Quinn.
 Dianna Agron and Jessica Szohr who I love so much. Especially on Gossip Girl and for the fact that she is the partner of the hottest guy on earth.
 I love Dianna in this photo with her hair slicked back. Cory and Mark aren't so bad either.
 The guys of Glee. Each one hotter than the other.
 The whole cast. I might point out that the characters are so perfect. There is the friendly teacher slash glee coach (do you say glee coach?), the self-absorbed leading lady of the glee club and her boyfriend who she expects to want the solos as much as she and kind of controls him, the rebel who breaks everybody's hearts but at the same time is irresistable to everyone, the asian goth, the asian dancer dude that dates the asian goth, the guy in the wheelchair that has been left out of everything his whole life but has a special place in glee, the dumb cheerleader, the beautiful cheerleader that gets it all, the once cheerleade then pregnant now cheerleader again, the annoying coach slash principal that cuts everything down in glee, the big girl with the big voice and the guidance counselor that is sensitive and weird.

 Mark Salling.

 I love Lea Michele, she is such a beautiful person and she really shows her real self. Also she looks really nice.

Naya Rivera.
Mark Salling really reminds me of a young John Stamos.

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  1. AND THEY SING !!!!!! p.s. I'm a total Gleek too .
    and they have some of the hottest guys on earth in that show (Cory Monteiths voice is my favorite !).love , rosie !


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