Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oh lawd.

Wow! So much going on I haven't been able to BLOG! This weekend was all about our school musical. We chose Dirty Dancing! I am in the band but it's still fun. And I was pracitcing like crazy for this piano recital. I had some relaxation time in the end of it and went to see Dear John with 2 of my dear friends. I loved it. I actually cried. The dad was so cute, I loved him. I am currently reading the book. I was at the chapters were John is leaving when I saw the movie. I just couldn't resist, could I. I just had to spoil the book!
I am still a proud watcher of Gossip Girl and 90210. Not obsessed but really enthusiastic. I love those shows you wait a whole week to watch. haha. I liked the band Adrianna is in; The Glorious Steinems. I never knew who she was (Gloria Steinem). But after watching, my social studies teacher announced we were supposed to write an essay on one person who tried to changed something politically. I wrote it on Gloria Steinem. Thanks 90210!

Love Always

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