Saturday, October 2, 2010

Amazingly Perfect. Oh I need it!

I discovered Nylon last spring. I was in London and my flight home was delayed by the notorious volcano erruption. I had about 20 pounds left and grabbed a good amount of magazines to shorten and uplift my 6 hour wait. Nylon was one of them it was the Katy Perry issue. I loved it! So raw an beautiful and cut Katy to the bone in search for answers. I have never bought an issue since. I visited their site this morning and god I have missed amazing issues! M.I.A., Drew Barrymore, Jessica Szohr!!! And I can buy them on the internet but I want them in my hands to scour and tear and paste on my wall for inspiration!

Love Always.

P.S. I am gonna check Ebay.

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