Friday, May 28, 2010

agh. i loveeeee

 So I was taking the SATs so i haven't blogged for a loooooong time. But i did take pictures!! Yeyyyyy.
P.S. I have a newfound love for Glee! Mark Salling is soooooo hooooot. (Also a newfound love; multiple vowels.)

I was 1/3 sick. I look so tired but i loooooveeeee those leggings. they are from American Apparel. They are striped, which is kind of hard to see in that picture. The vest is an old denim jacket from Gap Kids. I cut off the sleeves, I´m thinking of bleaching it. The tank is Gap Body. And the scarf from an Anthropologie sale. I have never had so much Gap on hahah.

Hilarious. That was like the best picture of that outfit. It was really simple. A Gap T-shirt and Vero Moda jeggings. Oh yeah and Sephora Cherry on top nailpolish.  It´s weird I wore all the stuff I have from Gap in like 2 days straight.

Okay. this is obviousy not an outfit. I just thought this was a tremendous shape. Yeah I had an egg for breakfast. lol

I am not a good flipper-over. Obviously

Love Always


  1. thanks for the comment. sorry, I will not be posting any pictures until October. I do not have a camera but have asked for one for my birthday. (which is in october.:( )
    anyway, cute blog. now following. :)

  2. thanks so much, you know this is a really really new blog and it is hard for me to get any attention for it :( but like you i am hoping for a new camera! my birthday is in august so we'll see :D but thanks for the comment and for following me. best of luck


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