Saturday, May 8, 2010


After some feature in Teen Vogue i am in love with Erin Wasson! Her looks; everything!
Anyway this week i have:
  • been reading or ehm trying desperatly to finish Dear John. I still love the story and everything it´s just i ruined it with seeing the movie while reading it. Not AFTER reading it. haha.
  • Fallen in love with lace. Aha a little late but still.
  • Discovered a 100% icelandic blog that even blogs in icelandic.
  • Discovered cool stores, vintage and new, in Iceland that i had no clue what so ever that they exsisted. All thanks to Svart á Hvítu. The Icelandic blog.
Nothing more really. Sadly. But seeing that the owner of Harrods is selling got me thinking of a funny expierience so here goes; I was in London with my mom and we were spendin our last day shopping (Not like the other days werent spent the same) And we see Harrods. And of course we walk in. Then I need to pee so I say that i´m gonna go to the restroom where they by the way had like all kinds of perfumes and lotions to use after your number 1 or 2. And I told my mom that we should just meet at some specific hallway in 30 min. And I browse and browse and browse. And then I wait for her there and she doesn´t show up! Then 20 min. later this security guy comes and tells me to follow him. He leads me to the offices and there is my mom. She had reported that I was missing. And god how akward! I walked with security through the whole 1st floor! I was so humiliated and the people that helped my mom noticed and said "Don't worry it happens all the time" DON'T WORRY! I was beyond akward+being so humiliated.

good 'ol Harrods.

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