Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am gonna spare you guys on all the akward reasons and excuses for why I haven't been posting! I am at the most beautiful places to be in right now. Akureyri, Iceland. Only beautiful in the winter, I don't fancy it here in the summer. This place is winter wonderland. Every bit of the marvelous town is covered by a white blanket. So soft and amazingly untouched in places. It calls for some photos. I have been taking photographs like crazy! But for today I only have little bits of knowledge via photograph that have made me particularly happy today. Enjoy.

I am beyond delighted with this surprising haircut. Jennifer who never changes did something not so drastic but very appropriate. I love it especially since I just chopped off my hair very recently and it resembles her cut alot.

This photo from Ms. Kling made me very happy. I just love Chloé and that bag screams Chloé.

Love this hair turban from the Nasty Gal blog!

The illustration on Igor+André is surreal. Amazing! It looks really effortless I mean a couple of lines and some color here and there. Yeah right! You need some serious talent to do stuff like that. Talent that I lack.

Love Always

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