Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy wednesday people! I love wednesday nights because it means I can sleep in the morning after. That is I don't have school until 11.30! Love, love, love it! These days I am obsessing over short/medium hair! I have really long hair like 3 inches above my belly button and I have decided I am going to cut it short. I can't go too short because I need to get it into a ponytail for track so the shorter I can go the better!

I've been thinking about something in the lengths of Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Chung or Leighton Meester. (I googled short hair and up came this photo of Leighton, I thought she had had long hair all the time! I think it looks really good on her!)

The 2 last ones I found on and I just love a good dancer/dancing/dance related photo so I decided to share! I find myself way too often wishing I had the ability to dance, but I can't. I lack all grace. 

Love Always

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  1. i adore pictures of dancer/dancing/dance as well . they inspire me for some reason . and good luck on your hair cut , which ever hair style you pick I'm sure it will look great! Love , Rosie .


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