Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yay! My first post with photos that I took! I don't have a good camera but it's good on the go for things I see and want to share so I am not going to let it bother me! Haha, I have to tell you guys a thing I do now. If anything negative or relately sad comes up in my head I flick my finger and shout in my mind "Not NOW!". And believe me it works, it's amazing!

I cut letters out of a magazine and put on the wall. I love it. It faces my bed so I always see it when I wake up.

My new Camper shoes. I love them. Camper shoes are all so comfy, cute and durable. They are darker though than shown on the picture. I love how the laces are a couple shades lighter.

An ad in Nylon. I love the lips! And I would die for red hair like that!
My new Lemongrass Swatch watch! It pops up any outfit and it looks just the right amount of silly.

Love Always!


  1. I have the same shoes!! sorry I haven't been commenting as much as usual but I have been REALLY busy! xoxo, Rosie Wolf.

  2. "Live like you're dying"


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