Monday, March 14, 2011

I am loving today so very much for so many reasons. I came home from a 5-day ski trip with my school which was very pleasant and amazing but it is so amazingly good and calming to come home and sleep in your own bed and get back into your daily routine. I love that I came home to 1417 new, fresh, glamorous posts on bloglovin. I gathered a couple of photographs that I especially loved while scattering and sorting through each blog post. Enjoy!

I found this one on teen vogue. Her name is Barbo Andersen. I absolutely love this dress it sits really well on her body and it such a snowy white color. I love that she paired it with white tights and not the usual black. 

 This strikingly beautiful lady has perfect skin that I would die for. It saddens me because it reminds me of how my skin is. I guess I need to take better care of it. Taken from tiny lights.

Angelica Blick my new favorite personal style blogger! She is so fabulous, gorgeous, yummy, scrumpteous, amazing and such a stunning beauty. 

That's it for now! Love Always and keep reading. 


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