Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We may have no cash, but we have ALOT of ash.

So, here in Iceland.. EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN ASH! The trees, grass, sidewalks, cars, houses, windows. Everything. And everything is just gray and disgusting. You can't go outside without getting your new Forever 21 Stretch skinnyjeans that only cost you $9.80 all covered up in ash!

But as you may have read in the post below, I got alot of magazines lately. In the May issue of 17 they talk alot about teen pregnancy espiecially in the article "Could Hollywood trick you into getting pregnant?" And it's basically about how tv-shows and movies are displaying pregnancy as an easy thing or in other words don't show the nasty stuff like : gaining alot of weight, crazy stretchmarks, horrible heartburns, endless pain in labor and so much more! (I am taking this knowledge straight out of the article I don't know anything about being preggers-hahah) The article feauteres 4 girls who talk about their expierence which is in every case not nice. The parents throw you out, your friends get distant and you all of a sudden can't handle school and need a job to pay for things that your baby needs. The tv shows and movies that are mentioned kind of having a bad influence and not being realistic about this are : 90210, Gossip Girl, Juno, Teen Mom, The Pregnancy Pact, Glee. But why am I blogging about this? Because the June/July issue of Teen Vogue has almost the same article! Or the same subject. The article "baby mama" is about Maci, this girl who was on the show 16 and pregnant and just her expierence. Otherwise it's just the same!

Now something totally different.
Some of my favorite cat eye sunglasses :

Alexander Waaaang!



Proenza Schouler.


Urban Outfitters

I know all the fonts were different but whatever, right?

Love Always

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