Saturday, September 17, 2011

Love is the answer

Fall is my favorite. It's a new season, some of us start school again, we get back to work while still enjoying the memories of the summer. It's a fresh start. For everything. I just about love fall shopping and it is entirely inevitable to not shop for the fall. Weather is changing, it's getting colder and it's just not a place for a bikini and a pair of sandals. Me and my darling mother are going to Stockholm October 13th, just when the weather starts to hit it's coldest. I am so excited to visit Stockholm. Not only is it a beautiful place to be at, but the shopping is amazing! I love it when I am about to travel to a far away land, I plan every. little. thing. I have already decided what I need to buy and what I am going to let myself buy. It is so seeing trends and all the new stuff in stores. Although I hate to follow trends, I have to say I am loving them! 

 I just love how flawy and airy her outfit is. And how she buttons her shirt all the way up and leaves the necklace under the collar. Wow that is an amazing touch aaaaand her shoes look so much like my masalas!
And Karen Walker does it again. I love, love, love, love it! The first one is the best, I love the short suit thing she has going on over there. I am telling you, the prints, the colors, the combinations are gorgeous.

 Again, loose, flowy and gorgeous shoes.
This is the most perfect example of the layering that shows up fall after fall after fall. She has wool, chambray and flannel all in one look and it looks so easily achievable.

Layering. Flow. Polka dots. 

 Another good example of layering. Love it, love it, love it. I love how well the pattern and the colors go together, it's like they were made for each other. And talk about being jealous women in the front in black with turquoise necklace.
Colors in: SHERBET. Enough said.

Love Always guys.

P.S. I am sincerely sorry how often I used the word 'love' in this post. 

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