Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday's Child

The Glow, what an appropriate name for an amazing website featuring ultra stylish mothers and their little ones. Definitely a new favorite.

 The photos, stories and experiences the mothers share are just so amusing to me. I guess I've always known I was born to have children but wow, these photos made have me itching to be a mom! I love especially the love that shines through in every photo. I can't wait to have a little human being of my own. Think about what a huge thing it is to care for somebody else, be responsible for teaching them right and wrong. Parenting a child to become an amazing, inspirational human being. Wow, I just can not wait. I still have made myself a little promise to try and make the most of my life before I start thinking about children. Explore the world, explore myself. I think it is amazing to do that with a child, but it is just such a huge responsibility, you need to be sure your ready. 

Love Always

I'd steal those kids outfits any day, don't you agree?

All photos: The Glow

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