Sunday, November 27, 2011

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I have no self-discipline what so ever. I let myself way too many things. I was grabbing coffee the other day at a café/bookstore. It's a 3-story café/bookstore. The café on the 3rd. I walked by the magazine racks and my occasional weakness, Glamour, caught my eye. It was an old issue, from October and it consisted of my favorite thing in the world: lists. The top 10 every things of beauty. How could I resist? It has done me good though, it has over 300 beauty tips and tricks. Some that actually really work. I love quick-fixes, short-cuts all kinds of those things when it comes to beauty, so this was a godsend.

I love whipping up beauty remedies in the kitchen. Seeing what I have and mixing it together to either slather it on my face or lather it in my hair. I have gotten pretty good at knowing each ingredient and what it does. Yoghurt deep cleans, bananas moisture and sugar exfoliates. I had always limited it to some basic mixture of oatmeal, honey and yoghurt for a quick burst of radiance. So I was thrilled, giddy with joy when I saw the Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes
   I did the brown sugar+milk=body exfoliator. I had never in my right mind thought of doing something for the body. I just stuck to moisturizer. I mixed roughly half and half like it said but I found I didn't need so much milk, I liked it kind of thick. I popped into the shower and wet the are and then did what every environmentalist should do, turned it off, and rubbed it onto my skin. It felt so satisfactory. I loved it! At that point I wasn't sure it would work, but I was proved wrong. My skin is like baby skin. It is so soft and moist, I'm in heaven. 

Love Always. 

I'll be sure to update you on other tips I try!

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