Friday, December 9, 2011

the inevitable seasonal sentimental post

In amidst of finals, mid-terms, essay writing and finishing up the wonderful school year I find myself composing christmas wish-lists, scouring the holiday sales, sipping hot chocolate and syncing my iPod with seasonal songs. What I am wishing for this season is health, family, love and this particular Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. 

With the freezing weather it is so important to be good to yourself and your body. I have been following my advice these past couple of days, I went to Rope-Yoga yesterday, meditation and relaxation. I have been taking multiple hot bubble baths, eating fresh-from----the-oven cookies.  This really is a time of family, love, warmth, comfort, eating and wellbeing. I know I am going to really use this opportunity and enjoy the wonderful life we were given. 

Love Always,
sorry for the most depressing, sentimental post yet. But hey it is the season to be thankful!

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  1. I didn't find the post depressing, it's nice to think about family and the life we are given :)! Ps - I love the wallet!



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