Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm home from Sweden yayy! The point of the whole trip was to compete in a huuge track and field meet. I was in high jump, hurdles, shot put and javellin. We competed 3 days of 7. The other days we went shopping, to the beach and to a rollercoaster park called Liseberg. I loooooved the shopping there. Mostly H&M though.

Everything i bought!
2x craft sports tops, and a nike sports bra. Bought it to motivate me to jog more!

A blue blazer Zara 
A oversized flamingo shirt from H&M.

A veeeeery wide nautical 1/3 sleeved H&M top

A racerback tie-dyed blue tank top from .... H&M.

Old school mint green nike sneakers!!!!!

A bright pink lace bra from H&M

A slouchy leather hobo from H&M

an eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, bangles, lipstick, brow gel, clips and a head band all from H&M believe it or not!

So.. the banana hair mask went really well except I had banana chunks in my hair :((

Love Always

P.S. i took all the pictures on my bed on my lime green and yellow marimekko sheets hhahaha


  1. Really cute buys! I especially love the flamingo shirt and the Zara blazer. I've never been to a Zara store, but I'd love to! I'm a new blog follower :)

  2. wow thanks! where do you live? because i live in iceland and we've got 2. and i thought we had no stores at all!

    and thanks for following :D

    it's kindof a new blog, and i dont get lots of comments so whenever i see a new one i get super happy :D


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