Saturday, June 4, 2011

Geez guys I'm sorry, I haven't posted in a LONG time! There is a reason though. I am graduating from high school and the graduation trip was this week! We went to Þórsmörk, 3 hours away from the capital, Reykjavík. I was GORGEOUS! It was though where the volcano erupted last year, like next to the volcano so there was alot of ash everywhere. Everything was so green, it's been raining nonstop for like 2 months. We went hiking, swimming in this really cool natural pool and ate great food with great people. My emotions were so mixed, I was so happy with everyone, my friends, the teachers and the great time we were having but the feeling that this all is coming to an end was inevitable. I've been thinking this past year how grateful I am to be leaving, even though it was great I just want to move on. These past couple of days made me rethink all that! To make matters worse the majority of my class is going to the same college. I on the otherhand, the prone to be different am going to a college where only  5 people from my school are going. It's been my goal ever since I knew what college was to go  there. I have never wanted to go to the other popular one but yesterday I suprised myself with the thought that I could escape this sadness and just go with the flow and never need to say goodbye. I stopped myself and decided that there just comes a time where you need to move on, and that it usually just doesn't feel right but must be done.
  On to a bit more positive note. Marc Jacobs is getting the lifetime award from CFDA on Monday! Sofia Coppola is going to present it to him. Aaah love them both! I decided to celebrate by posting a couple of my favorite photos of him and his ad campaigns, because frankly they are amazing!

 I love love love the ads! They are so raw and spontaneuos. He on the otherhand is such a stud. Love his necklace!
Love Always


  1. will always love this man! he is such a treasure, and a true genius :)


  2. i love victoria beckham! she's so posh! :-)


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