Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tumblr, do you guys love it as much as I do?! I can spend hours, days if not weeks scrolling through tumblr pages! Okay a little exaggerated but what is life without a little exaggeration? I love the wide variety of tumblr's. Everything from food, heels, famous people, cool stuff to weird stuff! 
My favorites include these:

Awesome people hanging out together. The title says it all!

Shoelust. Shoes that are beyond amazing.

Some cuter than others...
Adventures in ice-cream. Again the name says it all. Your go to for icecream!

Fuck yeah Nail artFuck yeah pretty nails. With these to it's kind of a win win. Both feature nail art and no way to tell who's better at it.

Love Always

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  1. Thanks for your comment, great shoes and nails :)

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