Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow, I haven't blogged for a while, to say the least! I just started my summer job last week, woopydoo! I work at a preschool 2 minutes from my home, I know all the staff and the kids are so funny and inspiring! It's just been really hectic, learning everything, rules and requirements for the job an so on. But here goes, I'm blogging!

I don't know if you've heard it but Shenae Grimes is interning at Teen Vogue. I love 90210, me being a teenage soap junkie and all. I mean she is pretty awesome, fashion sense and all. But the moment I heard this I was kind of let down. She said she had gotten it through her manager's client while other girls just send in applications and are on time for job interviews. I am kind of surprised Teen Vogue would do this. I am actually really disapointed because this isn't what fashion is about. It's not about the celebrity but celebrating every individual. Anyone can make it fashion no matter what their backround. 

And this only made it worse. She is interning at Teen Vogue and gets to go to the CFDA awards? 

Now my lovelies, what is your side on this matter?

This photo is so refreshing, LOVING the bowl-cut!


  1. love that cut! xx lovely picture! i followed you :)
    follow me back at to stay in touch xx L

  2. I dont really know much about her, but I do agree, that seems so unfair.. I guess it's just like when celebrities/ celebrity's daughters start a fashion line .. So many people would do it if they had the same connections and money! Oh well, what can you do!

    And I love that second photo, she looks so effortlessly cool !

  3. It may seem unfair but it happens in most field. Most people get hired because they know someone that works in the company. Thats just life sweety. You'll be alright madame.


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