Friday, May 13, 2011

Honestly when I read this I was beyond sad!

“San Francisco is a great city to raise children, but I was very happy to leave it," she tells WSJ. "There's no style, nobody dresses up—you can't be chic there. It's all shorts and hiking books and Tevas—it's as if everyone is dressed to go on a camping trip. I don't think people really care how they look there; and I look like a mess when I'm there, too.”
Taken from Refinery 29.

That is Danielle Steele talking about how much she hates San Francisco and it's style. I totallt disagree, the style is really laid-back and minimal but it's not Teva every day! 
  I especially hate this comment of hers because San Francisco is the most sacred and beautiful city I know, and have been to. The people there are nice, welcoming and good people! Well okay it's a bit more hippie and bohemian and carefree than New York but it's a pretty good place nonetheless! 
   I am going to quote a short-story called Nerves by Ann Packer. It's about a guy who moves to San Francisco from New York and they get divorced and he really questions why he came in the first place. This is a first for me, the literatary quoting I mean, so plesa bear with me.
  Here goes..

"At home Charlie sat down next to the phone. He missed New York, missed his friends-they'd never think to mention herbal tea without irony. And as for a good long walk, if he'd been in New York he'd have been instructed to get into a cab and go straight home to bed-much sounder advice."
Taken from the short-story Nerves in the book Mendocina and other stories by Ann Packer.

So that was fun, forgive me Ann Packer if I violated you personal thoughts. But hey now you know what I mean. San Francisco-nians (if that's a word, which it isn't) are way more laid-back and stressfree than New Yorkers and that isn't neccesarily a bad thing-or a good thing. I just thought that comment was totally unneccesary!

 So on to a bit more fun things, what are you guys doing this weekend? I'd LOVE to here from you so comment! For me it is going to be studystudystudystudystudystudy oh and did I say study? Anyway have a great weekend!

Love Always

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  1. i feel like that's complete bullshit.. i love san francisco style. and even if there was no style, that means one's personal style would stand out so much more!

    and there are amazing amounts of designer and lovely vintage shops alike in san fran!


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