Sunday, May 8, 2011

My latest addiction: Bioré pore strips. I just had to share and tell you guys about this wonder! You wet your nose or cheek's or just wherever you have some blackheads. And you put the strip on, wait 20 minutes and peel it off. Also as disgusting as it is, it is so satisfying seeing all the gunk transferred from your face to the thin strip. I love it! And the best thing, it's super cheap. A pack of 14 strips costs about $9. Buy it, use it and see the magic happen!

Love Always.
Happy gunk-in-your-pores-stripping!

Photo taken from Google.


  1. i love these things, though they hurt pretty bad sometimes. but michelle phan came up with a $2 alternative: if you heat up gelatin and milk in the microwave, then put it on your face, and wait for it to dry, then you can peel it off and it works the same! i've never tried it because milk and gelatin aren't vegan, but oh well.

  2. I loooove them but they are so addictive.. plus I'm gross and pretty much always have blackheads.

    This is how I get all the guys. ha.


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