Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remember this post? I have a school project for sewing class to do a presentation about an icelandic designer.You could do whatever you want. A powerpoint show, a video, a radio show or just write it on a paper! I chose the icelandic brand KronKron. My friend is their niece so I asked her to ask them (Hugrún and Magni, the owners) if I could interview them and she asked and they were thrilled! So today I went downtown to their apartment(I am giddy with joy that they didn't want to meet me in the store whereas I have been there way to often and I always like to see the haven a genius. See: The Coveteur.) They live in the heart of the city and I travelled by bus with my friend Hulda who is doing the project with me. The staircase up to their apartment was FILLED* with shoes. They were so welcoming and relaxed even though their apartment was cluttered. We sat down and asked them our questions and they were so happy and gave us the best answers! My other frien Auður, the niece, filmed it and we're going to show the class on Thursday. I am going to share with you the video when we finish editing it but till then enjoy their gorgeuos* staircase!

Love Always!
*Filled seems tiny in comparison of the real deal. 
*Gorgeuos just isn't the right word.

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  1. this is amazing. i've seen their shoes before -- i am so jealous, thorrie!


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