Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hermés, the french brand, is shooting an ad here in Iceland!! I haven't figured out yet what I think about it but I mean it must be exciting even though there is a one in a billion chance I will witness the whole thing. I guess it's just the icelandic pride I take in a luxury brand shooting an ad in this beautiful country. Actually come to think of it I don't really care. My local newspaper did an article on it. Not really news-worthy if you ask me! It is so funny how icelanders get excited by the little-est of things! Like for example earlier this week everybody ran out desperate for a tan in shorts showing their off-white calves and it barely went over 50°F!

Anyway on to something a bit more interesting. Tom Brady and his hair. 

Exhibit A: Tom and his stunning wife Gisele at the Met Ball. His hair precisely slicked back with who knows what big amount of hair product. Gisele loves it. When asked she says she loves him short haired, fat, redhead, curlyhaired, wavyhaired, you get the point. 

Exhibit B: Okay there he was sweaty, therefore his hair must have been all messed up.

Exhibit C: There he looks kind of hot despite his well secured ponytail.

Hey Tom, have you thought about investing in some scrunchies? You could get one with tiny footballs on it. 

But hey appearance isn't everything. I'd say yes to him any day ponytail or not!

In honor of the fact that mother's day is tomorrow check out this on fashionista

Happy weekend to you all!
Love Always

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