Sunday, April 24, 2011

For those of you who haven't noticed, I'm icelandic. My parents are both 100% icelandic and apart from me being born in San Francisco I am too. I moved here when I was 9 and I have loved it ever since. The one thing I truly appreciated about Iceland is how the design and produce of 100% icelandic stuff is growing more and more every day. I also love how versatile the products are. In a community this small design hasn't come as far along as for instance in the states. Alot of new brands are popping up and it is so exciting seeing what Icelandic designers will come up with in the future! 

This* is one of my favorite products. It's called Villimey and is manufactured in Tálknafjörður, a place in the country very far away from Reykjavík the capital. It's products are 100% natural and made from wildly grown Icelandic herbs. It's amazing! The product are for all kinds of purposes. They have a lip balm that soothes the lips but at the same time treats the dryness, a lotion for a pregnant mother to put on her belly to prevent stretch marks, a lotion for soreness in muscles that eases away the pain and many more. Believe me when I say these work! If you know anyone who is visiting Iceland or your coming yourself this is a must-buy. 

Honestly, look at this photo and tell me if you wouldn't think it works! This product is an all natural, free from any kinds of chemicals to ensure a good smell, color or make it last longer. Oh and the smell is heavenly. You just know you are using a good product.


Aðalbjörg Þorsteinsdóttir the founder.

Love Always, and if you are visiting Iceland please let me know!

*The website is available in both Icelandic and English. If you understand Icelandic-great! It's such a magical thing these products so just enjoy!

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  1. I feel like it just smells amazing. It looks like it smells amazing haha.

    I love the new banner, Thorrie! <3


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