Thursday, April 21, 2011

Okay hi. This might very well be the most awkward post I have ever written. I just want to say that I really, really cherish and appreciate everyone who takes time to read my blog. I know there are a few and I'd like to make it bigger. So if you, dear readers, coul be so amazing and leave a comment, a thought on what I wrote about, say something you like about my blog (if you like sth.) and so on and so on. It would mean the world to me. I am just starting out at this stuff and I have gotten alot of emails about how my blog should be bigger and I should make it big. And the only way I know how to is through you dear readers. If you comment I comment back. If you follow I'll follow you too. I like to think that I know there are a few out there in the same situation as I am in and I just think we should help eachother. 

Love Always
P.S. That was possibly the cheesiest thing I have ever written but it is so true! If your willing to read my blog I am willing to read yours but I don't know who you are unless you leave a comment!

P.P.S. Keep reading, I love you guys.

I think and hope to God this is true. I love, love, love to laugh! I mean who doesn't.

 Love this, so romantic. I love old couples hahah.

All from The best website to find amazingly cute photos. I am a sucker for these kind of photos, typography at it's best.


  1. thorrie you've always been so nice to me and have followed me forever and i've followed you forever too... you're such an amazing person and i agree with the statement that your blog should be bigger! i think for starters you should register on style journals as an inspiration blog, because if i ever need a pick me up or inspiration, don't go naked is the first stop. i also love the minimalism in your layout but maybe something more with the banner could help? i dunno. i hope i don't sound preachy, lord knows i'm not an expert. but i do want you to make it huge. <3

  2. I don't think what you wrote is cheesy! I completely understand you actually! I am so happy and exciting about every lovely comment i receive! I love this post! All the pictures and the positive quotes made me smile! Thank you!


  3. I will start follow you now, I like this ;)

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It means the world to me that you took time to read my blog and better yet comment on it!