Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi, what do you guys think about the OPI shatter polishes? My opinion, honestly I hate them. I don't get what is so great and pretty about them. I just think they look horrible and sloppy.

 Okay, these are the colors that are available and this is what the bottle looks like.

And this (if you've been living under a rock) is the effect the polish gives. You put it normally over another color and it 'parts'.

 I am though loving what OPI is doing this year. They have the Texas collection, the Pirates of the Carribean collection and this one which is called the Grand Slam: Paris in honor of the tennis superstar Serena Williams. Like I said before I despise the shatters but the two in the middle are kind of yummy especially the one on the right. 

 The oh so beautiful Texas collection. Brigt, whispy colors. I like best all the deep pinks and orangey-reds.

And last the Pirates of the Carribean collection. I love love love these ones. Pastels in jewel tones. But I can't pick a favorite it's more of a collection that looks good all together rather than just one part of it.

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