Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My favorite blog right now is Into the Gloss. God do I hope that it will stay my favorite forever and I will never get tired of the magnificently written detail of every single fashionista out there that does something right when it comes to beauty and precisely what products she uses and what her regimen is. Everything from hair to nails, blush to moisturizing, this blog has it.

Barbara Palvin. Her cat-eye is to amazing for words.

Karlie Kloss. Honestly I once hated her but then I realised how can I? She is so beautiful!

I haven't really figured out why-I love this photo of her! Her casual look. Her expression. Her right hand in the pocket. The fact that she has the Marc Jacobs Lola perfume which she just happens to be the face of in her medicine cabinet. Yeah I don't know.

The two ladies of Bumble and Bumble. The hair says it all.

 Susan Cernek, the executive beauty editor of Glamour. Never heard of her but her hair!?!?!?! Honestly where do you get THAT gorgeous hair?!!?!??!?

I also want to add how I love that this site/blog/place where you get stuck in for hours/the ultimate muse universe finds jaw dropping gorgeous girls! Honestly, these gals are amazing.

Love Always

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  1. There are some lovely women out there to admire, huh? Style, accomplishments...<3


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