Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have you ever thought about going bald? I have, I'd love it! My mom got cancer 2 years ago and she had chemotherapy and lost all her hair (except her eyelashes and eyebrows). She didn't like it but it eventually led to her rocking a short do something she thought she'd never do. I would love when I am older to go travelling with friends or family to a far away land, preferably something wild like India or Africa and shave my head bald. I just think it would be so liberating to wake up in the morning and walk out the door without needing to do ANYTHING to it. Come to think of it alot of models and actresses have rocked the bald head. Demi Moore, Solange Knowles, Natalie Portman, Alec Wek, Eva Salvail, Amber Rose, Agyness Deyn and many many more. 

 The beautiful model Alec Wek.

 Amber Rose and her hubby Kanye West. (Are they still together, I don't know and frankly I don't care. Honestly why are people so obsessed about celebrities? I mean everything in those tabloids is twisted or just a plain lie. Either way you'll never know if it's true and why waste your time on that?!)

 A beautiful model, Eva Salvail. You've probably never heard of her. If so she was modeling in the '90s.

 Agyness Deyn. (This is the original size of the photo. I wanted it bigger but I didn't want to have it blurry so I decided to leave it like this.)

Natalie Portman, the single most beautiful lady that has sported a shaved head. Her bold cheekbones and fierce jaw play a big part in that.

So what I want to know is would you do this?

Love Always

There is a really interesting piece on this from fashionista right here. Weird but yesterday was exactly a year since this piece was written, coincidence? I don't think so!


  1. i love those that can pull it off, but i am just too lacking in the bone-structure department to try it.

  2. I definitely do not have the bone structure! natalie is so gorgeous any way she wears her hair :)


  3. those ladies def. rock the shaved head, but i don't think i could pull if off. my face is too round!

  4. I've wanted to in the past because I was always identified with my hair (long, black, and curly), and I was tired of it. But, my face is too round and I don't think I could carry it off. Plus, my scalp is lighter than my face and I don't know how long it would take to tan my head to match.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. maybe i dont like a bald... because... i don´t know :DD sometimes i´m crazy.. :D

  6. I once saw an African woman, native and didn't speak to omuch english, wondering around the shop I work at. She was pregnant, and not afraid to show off her glowing stomach with a midriff top, a long skir, beautiful jewlellery but what made her stand out was her shaved head. It just made her beautiful face stand out so much. She was jus an exquisitely beautiful woman, evven without hair.


    She should be top of the list. Bald hotties FOREVER!


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