Saturday, April 30, 2011

What are you lovely readers doing this weekend? I was at a birthday party yesterday and am going to see a movie tonight. I am in such a good mood because I have promised myself some new shoes!! I am going to buy them online, the lack of decent stores with decent prices in Iceland kind of chose that option for me. I can't decide.. what do you think?

 These are from Bianco. They are a look-a-like of the Acne Pistol boots which I adore!

I love these sandal wedges from Urban Outfitters and I can really see myself wearing them with alot! I can't decide on which color though.

And these suede wedges are from Urban Outfitters and are selling for only 14.99!
Love Always and tell me what you think!

Edit(!!!!!): I had to have the photos this small because otherwise they are so blurry and I just couldn't by any chance find larger photos. 


  1. Okay shoes are my favorite clothing item (along with.. well.. everything else.. :) ) so never ever ask me personally about shoes! Haha :) And thanks for the comment! And it's no problem commenting! I'm sorry I had been so lazy about it! Lucky! I can't believe you made your dress! I can't sew for my life! I'm sure it was positively lovely though!! :) Love the blog! Sorry about the rambly comment :3

  2. That last one from urban outfitters I really liked :)

    /S / http://

  3. I love the nude sandals, they look perfect for all seasons and are simple enough for many different kinds of outfits. :)

    The Cat Hag


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